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About our architectural photography

We offer a complete architectural photographic service for architects, developers and designers:

  • Exteriors, interiors, and landscaping
    Infrared photography
    Architectural models
    Digital compositing and retouching

We shoot buildings inside and out. Our knowledge of architecture and architectural terms enhances communication so you get the images that you want. We have photographed architecture in Asia, Europe, and Central America.

We provide photography for award submssions, and our clients include several Georgie award winners. Working on a submission? Email or call for a quotation.

Church - Copenhagen
Dominion Building - Burnaby

The Undistorted Truth

Our medium format camera system is equipped with rectilinear perspective correction. This prevents buildings from appearing distorted and receding away from the camera. Our system allows quicker, more efficient work than a 4X5 view camera, saving both shooting time and film costs. The medium format film size delivers enlargements up to 6X7 feet with minimal loss of image quality.

Private residence - West Vancouver

Larger Than Life

For large interior spaces we offer Total View Photography, seamlessly blending multiple images from a 4X5 view camera into a single continuous view without the distortion of ultra wide angle lenses. Combining the richness of large format film with the control of digital imaging gives us the best of both worlds. From ballrooms to stadiums, the result is spectacular.

Beyond The Visible

T.J. Adel is one of Canada’s foremost black and white infrared photographers. Infrared film’s extended wavelength response captures the flow of light in buildings and landscapes. Combining visible light with infrared light - invisible to the human eye - renders architecture in clean, minimal tones flattering to contemporary architecture. More commonly used in Scandinavia and Germany than North America, infrared extends our vision beyond the range of human sight, contrasting luminous vegetation with dark tones in concrete, metal and sky.

Doctor Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden infra-red

We shoot architectural models in our studio or on location. Our studio is equipped with a split-level hatch for plan views of architectural models; since we shoot down from the floor above, we do not need to endanger delicate models by rigging the model or camera at awkward angles. Model photography is rectilinearly corrected and our close-up lenses provide superior detail shots.

You can see more models here.

Architectural model plan view

We provide photo-quality image retouching and compositing. Services include removal of telephone wires and construction debris, retouching of skies, and colour correction.

You can see more of our digital
work in our product portfolio here.

Skyline retouching
Retouching cars wires bushes Digital removal of cars
Digital sign removal Digital signage and cleanup
Architecture, interiors and architectural models Architecture, interiors and architectural models
For our portfolio of exteriors and models, click here:

For our portfolio of interiors, click here:
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